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Cooper Cardinal is a boutique real estate and advisory firm focused on the apartments, manufactured housing and recreational vehicle asset class. Cooper Cardinal provides our clients the care and attention of a small company with the national reach and speed of a large firm.


We created the firm we would want to represent us. Cooper Cardinal takes a collaborative approach, creating strategic alliances with top talent across the U.S. This approach ensures we always operate with the best possible team—a team that champions the client.


The “Main Street” agencies will tell you their way—working with one agent in the boundaries of their organization—is the best way. It is. For them. At Cooper Cardinal, we personalize the experience around each client and place them at the forefront of the equation. With us, you don’t rely on a single agent, you’ll receive a team that’s incentivized to work together for you. We’re shaking up the industry. “Main Street” is no longer the place to be. Cooper Cardinal provides a truly transparent and conflict-free experience in investment sales, management, and capital advisory.


At Cooper Cardinal, we believe it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Most firms list properties on 3rd-party websites, send out an email blast, and wait for the phone to ring. Not Cooper Cardinal. We think outside the box: whether it’s sharing leads, partnering with other industry leaders, or employing the latest technologies and marketing platforms, we do what it takes to maximize performance for our clients.

We use a state-of-the-art, diverse database of owners, buyers, management companies, and service firms. This allows us to target individuals who have the highest probability of interest in your asset. With a track record of $2+ Billion in sales and 100+ combined years of experience, we know what we’re doing.

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Capital & Debt Solutions

Cooper Cardinal alliance Crown Capital has over 30 years’ experience serving commercial real estate owners with the best strategies and financing options for their real estate needs.  Crown Capital is geared toward providing long-term fixed-rate non-recourse financing with loan sizes ranging from $1 – $100+ million. With strong relationships with correspondence life insurance lenders, CMBS originators, local and regional national balance sheet lenders along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Crown Capital listen to the clients’ objectives to give them the best options within the marketplace.
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Complimentary Value Analysis

At Cooper Cardinal, is a firm believer an owner should have a clear and precise understanding of what their property is worth at any point in time.  Often times we hear from owners, we know what our property is worth only to leave money on the table because they did not get an opinion from a market expert with their hand on the pulse.  Trust us we see it all too often.  Our team is here to help and for many owners, we do an evaluation annually.  During this evaluation we discuss strategy, operational issues, interest rate volatility, refinance options along with other important factors to assist owners in maximizing value.

By the way, this is FREE!  It’s what we do.  Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your valuation needs.

Property Management

The Cooper Cardinal team has the crucial industry knowledge necessary to properly value communities. Every real estate investor deserves a firm that will operate on his or her behalf—with care, accountability, and integrity.

For many investors, purchasing a community is the single biggest transaction of their life. We don’t take this lightly. We understand every property has a story to tell. No two properties are alike; we find a management solution tailored to your individual needs. So whether it’s a $500,000 investment or $100 million+, we can maximize your investment’s value and performance. And we do it with complete accountability.


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Our Highly Qualified Team

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Jack A. Cardinal

Managing Director

Gregory G. Joelson

Senior Advisor

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Cristian A. Sosa

Senior Advisor/Transaction Coordinator

Jeffrey A. Ferenz

Managing Director

Gary R. Cooper

Designated Broker