Cooper, Cardinal and Company’s culture is born of our people. We are driven, creative, entrepreneurial and intensely passionate about what we do. We firmly believe in the power of team building and our energy and ambition fuel the company fire. With the synergy created by multiple minds sharing a common purpose and a strong sense of connection, we deliver potent results. Cooper, Cardinal and Company combines expert business development associates, dedicated analysts, and experienced transaction managers in an environment of trust and collaboration.

In addition to our in-house resources, we have developed key strategic relationships with affiliate service providers in the legal, accounting, title, and property management business to supplement our resources and continue to provide ‘best-of-class’ service when unique circumstances or challenges arise that call for outside expert advice. Our clients’ experience is simplified: one point of contact, with a highly calibrated infrastructure of support. Our group of real estate professionals works as a team to provide integrated solutions to investors, property owners, and financial institutions, ensuring successful and efficient property transactions throughout the Phoenix area.