Market Studies/Research

Plenty of companies can provide you with market rents and sale information. But which location and submarket is the right location for your investment and your unique management style? What is the potential for rental growth or the risk for decreasing rents? That level of advice takes local knowledge and deep insight. Primary local market knowledge is indispensable to our clients in providing actionable advice.

We provide the timeliest, highest-quality information and analysis to help our clients optimize their real estate decisions. We assist our clients in measuring the performance of their properties and look for new opportunities to maximize returns. We tailor our research to help clients understand the local submarket drivers and future trends unique to their personal needs. The result is timely and fact-based decisions. By having inside market intelligence at their fingertips, Cooper Cardinal Advisors can respond faster to market opportunities and reduce risk for their clients.

Cooper Cardinal’s award-winning publication, Multifamily Focus; profiles detailed sales comparable information from all multifamily transactions in submarkets throughout Phoenix. In addition, Cooper Cardinal can be engaged to prepare customized studies to meet the specific information needs of owners, managers, and investors. We welcome putting our in-depth knowledge of the Phoenix Multifamily practice to work for you!