Investment Property Sales

Our core focus at Cooper Cardinal is Investment Property Sales. All of the firms resources and energy is focused exclusively on the apartment brokerage business and supporting the Cooper Cardinal Multifamily Advisor. Therefore we know the public, private, and individual investors seeking multifamily investments better than anyone in our marketplace. Cooper Cardinal Advisors understand and can effectively communicate the challenges as well as the opportunities posed by multifamily investments allowing for optimal sale execution, while considering real-time pricing of the debt, mezzanine, and preferred equity markets to maximize pricing and certainty of closure.

We manage each transaction and stay actively involved throughout the entire process including:

  • Pre-Marketing Activities
  • State-of-the-Art Marketing Materials
  • Property Staging & Preparation
  • Scripted Professional Property Tour Process
  • Constant Feedback and Reporting
  • Accessing the Creditability of Offers
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Escrow Management
  • 1031 & Replacement Property Representation

The Cooper Cardinal marketing strategy is to use our knowledge of your property and the local submarket to create a convincing story of the future investment opportunity of the investment, use our marketing resources to tell this story to the widest possible range of qualified buyers and then harness competitive forces to force these buyers to pay the highest possible price. One of the keys is getting a potential buyer to “look through the windshield” i.e. what the property can be worth in the future rather than through the “rear view mirror” or what the value is on a historical basis. Another key is introducing the “fear of loss.” In other words a buyer has to want the property and fear losing it because of the competition in order to motivate him to raise his price and terms beyond his comfort level. We believe our proactive approach creates value for our Sellers as well as potential Buyers who know that they have deliverable product, fairly underwritten, with a defined business plan.