Gregory G. Joelson

Greg Joelson is a licensed Arizona real estate agent with  Cooper, Cardinal and Company, LLC.  Prior to joining Cooper Cardinal, Mr. Joelson was a Principal with a private business and real estate company that has a portfolio of Hospitality, Multi-Family, and Quick Service Restaurant properties in Oregon and Arizona.  Greg brings notable investment, business development and operational experience to Cooper Cardinal, particularly in the Hospitality and RV Park industries.  During the past 20 years, Greg has been engaged in commercial real estate development, acquisition and disposition, and the operations of income properties.  Prior to Greg’s business and real estate career, he was a professional football player in the NFL and CFL.  Greg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Arizona State University.

Greg’s core values mirror those of Cooper Cardinal and these core principles have always served as a baseline and benchmark for his actions.  In conjunction with Cooper Cardinal and Company, Greg provides “best-in-class” service with key strategic relationships that result in integrated solutions for investors and operators. This philosophy ensures his clients and customers successful and efficient property transactions and long-term relationships.