Cooper, Cardinal and Company LLC

Cooper Cardinal is a highly focused, boutique real estate brokerage firm focusing on providing Arizona and Nevada multifamily and mobile home park property owners with investment sales and management advisory services. Our specialty is the small and mid-size apartment asset as small as 4 units with values between $150,000 and $5,000,000, although we can tackle any multi-family and mobile home park transaction, regardless of size or complexity. We have sold, managed, and leased properties ranging from vintage walk-ups, courtyard and corridor properties, mid-rise buildings, lakefront high rises and large suburban apartment complexes. Our goal is to provide ‘best of class’ service and representation to help our clients maximize the value and cash flow of their communities.

Over the years, the principals of Cooper Cardinal have assisted and counseled many clients from their start in real estate with a small building or two, to a portfolio of significant assets. We take the time to understand and serve the needs of each unique client in every transaction and are steadfast in meeting our clients’ goals. We at Cooper Cardinal value our success not on a transactional basis but over the course of an entire relationship. Our philosophy is just as meaningful to our larger, mature institutional clients and private equity clients we serve that are looking to diversify, hedge, or protect their current real estate portfolio. We look forward to working with you and a building profitable and productive relationship.