Advisory Services

Although “Doing the Deal” is our core business and our primary source of revenue we understand that we must stay involved in our client’s business to remain relevant and to function as true strategic advisor. In that regard, we provide many affiliated services to just pure transaction advice as well as provide access to proven third party service providers. We are in a unique position to consult on what works and what doesn’t from a valuation and operations perspective since we have seen the Great, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Cooper Cardinal provides experienced, independent investment counsel that seeks to improve asset performance and provide for third party accountability. Our services include:

  • Asset Valuation (BOV)
  • Annual Operating Statement Review Audit
  • Assess New Income Opportunities
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis for Capital Improvements
  • Property Re-Positioning and Re-Branding
  • Competitive Rent Analysis Report
  • On-Site Manager “Secret Shopper”
  • Property Management Company Referrals
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Audit and Representation Referrals
  • Utility Conservation Referrals
  • Communications and Vending Referrals
  • Contractor and Vendor Referrals
  • Insurance Company Referrals
  • Capital Markets and Banking Referrals
  • Title Insurance Referrals
  • Legal and Accounting Referrals